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[Power Bracket] And The Winner Is…

The winner of the Pokemon Power Bracket is Mew! We all know about Mew, the 151st Pokemon to be discovered, is able to learn every move, and so on. Now that Mew has won, it’ll take over as well as getting it’s own shirt that will be sold at Hot Topic. There will also … Continue reading

Oreo Promotes New Super Mario Bros. 2!

In it’s newest Daily Twist, Oreo promotes New Super Mario Bros. 2 with an interactive image that, when clicked, makes Mario hit a block, which causes an Oreo to pop out. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is now available!!

Help out Mewtwo!

For those of you who don’t know, the Pokemon Power Bracket is a clash between legends. Two legends are pit against each other and you must vote for the winner. I’m surprised that Arceus lost on Round 2. But, that’s beside the point. Currently, Mew & Celebi are being pit against each other with Mew … Continue reading

[Week 1] Who’s that Pokemon?

Here’s a fun new thing I’m going to try and keep up on NG. Might be the first thing too, heh… Anyways! Introducing WTP! Can you guess the Pokemon before clicking the video? —————————- Today’s Pokemon has the hidden ability of Reckless! It’s white & long bodied, with it’s Japanese name being “Kojondo”! It’s dubbed … Continue reading

Nintendo of America Hires New Senior VP of Network Business

Nintendo of America announces the hiring of a new senior vice president of Network Business. Effective July 1, Duncan Orrell-Jones will take on the newly created position and spearhead the development and evolution of Nintendo of America’s digital strategy for the company’s Nintendo 3DS and Wii U video game systems. Orrell-Jones will work at Nintendo’s … Continue reading

Upcoming Nintendo Direct – 6/22/12

Nintendo has announced an upcoming entry for Nintendo Direct (6/22/12). This is going to air on June 22, 2012 at 11PM EST/8:00PM PST. We don’t know exactly what they’re going to show on Nintendo Direct, but it’s probably more Wii U news, and things we probably already know. Hopefully we end up with brand new … Continue reading