Welcome to NG’s affiliates page! Here, we list our friends and affiliates. If you would like to become an affiliates (or friend), just contact me through the contact page on the sidebar!


Nintendo Scene (

Nintendo Scene is a new site focusing on Great Nintendo News and Discussion. Nintendo Scene is fast becoming the source of fresh and reliable News, Reviews, Columns and Event Reports throughout the world of Nintendo.

My PokePedia (

This site is all about having fun talking and learning about Pokemon with others around the nation. This is a community of Pokemon Lovers.

Nintendo Fans Online (

Filled with Passion for all things Nintendo – News focusing on the latest gaming headlines and Reviews giving our verdict of the latest and greatest Nintendo games.

Nintendo 3DS Daily (

N3DSD reports on the latest news on the 3DS, check out their site! They also have a forum, guides and more than just news!

Nintendo News (

Another Nintendo news site, they report on the latest news dealing with Nintendo and Pokemon! They have a bundle of things like chat rooms, forums and more to keep you entertained!


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