(Review) New Super Mario Bros. 2

Tanooki, Tanooki, Tanooki. Gold, Gold, Gold!

Mario is that kind of game where, even though it uses the same story, you just want to explore the new stuff. The Mushroom Kingdom is never the same. And New Super Mario Bros. 2 really pushes that farther. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will have you looking at your coin count, and wonder “More coins! More!” While the game itself doesn’t really provide anything completely new, it provides a fun challenge. That challenge? Can you get 1 MILLION coins? The game begins like most of Mario’s crazy adventures start: He turns around for a few seconds, and bam! Princess Peach has been kidnapped… Again! So now, Mario must go off to rescue the princess while trying to collect as many coins as they can! The game brings back the Koopalings back once again, making them the bosses of this game, as well as one other old mini-boss!

The gameplay, or levels of the game, uses the similar 2D Mario gameplay. The game will have you chasing coins wherever you go. And while the levels are pretty straightforward, their packed with secrets, coins and more. Also, new events can take place, such as turning your enemies gold, or turning simple blocks into useful coins. Obviously lives aren’t a problem. On the matter of the 3D, it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t focus on it so much, as Mario sticks out from the terrain like a sore thumb, the background is blurry if the 3D is turned on, and it’s better to just play in 2D since the 3D isn’t really a key element in the game.

Overall, the game does try it’s hardest to find a way to make this game refreshing to the many, many Super Mario fans out there. Yeah, it does seem like the same old thing, but even then, you’ll be exploring for all the star coins you’ve missed, because that’s just what Mario does! It makes you want to explore, and in the end, New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a very fun game, but the price might be a little too much to ask for!


(New Super Mario Bros. 2 Rating: 8/10)



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