[Review] Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D!

Lock and Load!

Crazy Chicken is one of those games that you’ll pick up for awhile but won’t touch later on. Crazy Chicken is a game where you raid a single island over and over again and shoot out chickens, grab coins, gems and more under a time limit. This game is pretty short and straightforward. All you do is click “Play” and you’ll be on an island, ready to shoot zombies. You use the touchscreen to aim and the circle pad to move around. When you run out of ammo and just click reload. There really isn’t much to do, other than try to beat your high score.

The game has hidden gems, skulls and coins throughout the game. The time limit almost makes it impossible to get them all. Other than that, the game only give you a minute and thirty seconds to try and beat your high score. Other than that, the game really doesn’t provide any other content. No other islands to try and beat. It’s just the same thing. And it really isn’t very captivating to keep playing.

Overall, this game is fun at first but I don’t see myself coming back to it later. The 3D effects are nice and the hand-drawn visuals are great as well, but other than that, it isn’t captivating enough to keep me playing and is lacking enough content.


(Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D Rating: 4/10)


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