With all these 3DS games, what’s your next target?

Just ONE of the games that are soon to come out!

3DS games like Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure which was recently released, it is now another game that has been added to the list of highly-anticipated 3DS games. The 3DS was only released last year on March and it’s line-up is building and building. The 3DS already comes bundled with features that really extend the ways players communicate. Streetpass, allowing you to meet people just by passing by them is already being used in upcoming games, as well as past games that have been released for the 3DS. There are also games that let you create your own content, such as Colors! 3D, which allow you to paint your very own artwork, or even the upcoming eShop game, Petit’s computer which allow you to create your very own games. These are just a few of the things that allow you to express yourself with the 3DS. While the 3DS gives you a variety of ways to show your style, it’s also know for the main reason. It’s 3D. Nintendo brings 3D, glasses free on the 3DS. It’s fun to finally see your old friends in 3D, and the way the 3D works is great. While the 3DS already has a great line-up, let’s talk about future games coming out. Such as, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. This game is the sequel to the original Luigi’s Mansion. Luigi is back, hunting down ghosts, mansion by mansion, and it might even be using Nintendo Network. What NN will be used for in Luigi’s Mansion is not known, but we’ll keep you updated. Another highly-anticipated game is Paper Mario: Sticker Star! Mario is back with what it’s famous for: Turn-based battles! Bowser is stirring up trouble once again in the Mushroom Kingdom, scattering stickers everywhere, which become your battle commands, you must go save Princess Peach (again, of course) and stop Bowser!

All that glitters is gold… Coins!

Be on the lookout for New Super Mario Bros 2! This game has gold, EVERYWHERE. Gold Fireballs, Gold Tanooki suits, gold coins, gold Koopas, gold Goombas… Let’s just say that, this game is, well, gold! In New Super Mario Bros. 2, the Mushroom Kingdom is littered with gold coins, literally EVERYWHERE. Can YOU collect 1 million coins by the end of the game? Alright, I’ve held on long enough to this. Even though they aren’t 3DS-exclusive, they are getting 2 3DS eShop titles. Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 are coming on October, with brand new gym leaders, a new storyline, towns and even a World Tournament to face some nostalgic friends, this games comes bundled with a lot of stuff. And it doesn’t stop there! Pokemon Dream Radar & Pokedex Pro 3D are also releasing with B/W2 to help make it easier to catch em’ all, and know em’ all! Dream Radar allows you to capture Pokemon and send them to your copy of B/W2. You would be able to capture a Tornadus, a Ralts, and heck, even more Pokemon to help fill up your Pokedex! These games will be sold separately.

Even with all that, I haven’t even scratched the surface yet! There are still other games coming out, such as Rayman Origins, which comes out in November and also the already released game, Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Also don’t forget about Heroes of Ruin and Kingdom Hearts 3D! There are many more games that you can look forward to, as well as games that have recently released that you should buy! With all these 3DS games, what’s your next target?


One thought on “With all these 3DS games, what’s your next target?

  1. I agree with the article. Pokemon can still go on a long way but it all denedps on Nintendo. I live in South Africa and by the time the SABC stopped airing Pokemon Advance Generations I thought Pokemon was dead for sure. Gameboy systems disappeared, Pokemon Cards and Tazos disappeared. People threw away their collections until recently, Core Gaming Systems got hold of distribution rights for Pokemon Black & White in South Africa. Suddenly this dead empire rose out of the ashes when ETV started airing Diamond & Pearl. I was so happy.

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