Pokemon Global Link has been re-opened!

Pokemon Global Link has finally been re-opened! The renovation was to cater to the upcoming Pokemon Black & White 2. It comes with many new updates.

Nice, huh?!

Other than the obvious design update, Pokemon Global Link brings more convenient features to the site. Right from the start, you’re able to see battles that have happened recently as well as Pokemon that are currently being traded as well as the most tucked in Pokemon.

Fun, easier to navigate buttons!

When you login, you’ll have access to more convenient buttons. You’ll be able to check if there are any new competitions going on, as well as the Pokemon that’s currently tucked in, the number of registered users and a new Reports Button. The Reports Button tells you things such as GTS Ranking, GBU Ranking, past wi-fi competitions and the Game Sync World Records that used to be shown on the homepage such as the most tucked in Pokemon and more. The new update also shows you the most recent Pokemon that you’ve traded through the GTS. The GTS will have more out when Pokemon B/W2 out so keep a sharp eye! So for now, I think I’ll let you guys decide what to do first on Global Link, but the answer is obvious: Put ALL the Pokemon to sleep! Have fun!


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