[Schedule] Streetpass NYC: Will U Be at Nintendo’s E3 2012 Viewing Party?

–Nintendo E3 2012 Viewing Party Schedule–

9:00 AM — Nintendo World Store Opens

11:30 AM — Wii U Experience Posters are handed out so people can draw or write their feelings and thoughts before, during or after the E3 Show.

12:00 NOON — Nintendo E3 2012 Media Briefing Begins

1:00 PM — Nintendo World Store Raffle Begins

2:00 PM — Mario Tennis Open Casual Play with FREE Mario Tennis Open Mini-Posters for the winners while supplies last.

3:00 PM — Public Q&A with E3 Insider Isaiah TriForce Johnson.

4:00 PM —  Kid Icarus: Uprising Tournament. Light VS Dark. Rules will be given out on the day. Person with most hearts wins a large Kid Icarus: Uprising T-Shirt and teammates of the top two teams receives one Kid Icarus AR Booster Packs each.

6:00 PM — Nintendo World Store event ends. Please join is the the Times Square Concourse bellow to chat online with various StreetPass groups around the world about E3.


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