[ND] New Wii U Info!

We’ve learned a lot from the Nintendo Direct broadcast. Check everything out below!

NFC Reader/Writer confirmed. TV Remote Functionality.

Back of Wii U Controller redesigned a bit. Wii U will have a Wii U Pro Controller.

Black Wii U Controller revealed!

Video Calling revealed!

MiiVerse: A place where Miis can meet and connect. It can be activated anytime without ending your game.

-You can chat with others, draw hand-written notes & such.

-Transmit game content you have created yourself that can be added to other’s gameplay. You can also add screenshots from your game.

-You can use MiiVerse with ANY Wii U game!

-Does not require using the bigger screen.

-You can use MiiVerse on 3DS/PC/any web-enabled mobile device! (This won’t be available from the start!)

-Even when playing by yourself, you can connect worldwide with those who are playing the same game as you.

Social Window: Links player to player.

Nintendo Network: For Wii U, 3DS & future consoles/handhelds.

Internet Browsing: You can “put a curtain” over the bigger screen so it can’t be seen. It will only be seen on the lower screen.


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