CoroCoro with new Black/White 2 Information!

Look at these stylin' trainers & rival!

300 Pokemon within the Unova dex!

Trainer schools & more!

These are scans from CoroCoro that reveal a good amount of Info on B/W 2! The two trainers on the right are your new playable characters, the one on the right is your rival! You start in a new area of Unova called Hiougi City! Hiougi City is quite a different hometown for you as it contains a Pokemon Center, a Trainer School and areas where you can look upon the areas. There are also underwater tunnels which will have Mantine flowing overhead and a few statues! Homiga, a gym leader who focuses on Poison, is in another area of Unova. Another gym leader is Shizu, a Water type Gym leader! Unova is featured to be partially frozen, which might have to do with the storyline, who knows?



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