In shops now: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

Want to explore the city of Paris, investigate the disappearance of your father, and go on a musical journey with over 50 rhythm-based minigames? If so, it’s your lucky day, as Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure is in shops today for Nintendo 3DS.

In this title you’ll meet Raphael, known in the news as cat burglar Phantom R, famous for his totally batty tendency to nick priceless works of art, only to give ‘em back a few days later. As you follow the story, you’ll slide into Raphael’s shoes and step to the beat in tons of musical minigames that will get your head bobbing and your toes tapping – all in the name of solving a mystery.

With stylish artwork, a gorgeous in-game version of Paris to explore, multiplayer fun and a story featuring twists, turns, betrayal, and a strange fellow who insists he’s Napoleon, this beat-based title will keep your rapt, rhythmic attention from the moment you press play.

Visit our official Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure website for a story synopsis, a run-down of the cool, kooky characters, info on StreetPass functionality, gameplay details and more.

Don’t forget, you can get your hands on a totally free demo of the game! Scan the QR Code below to go straight to the download page on Nintendo eShop, and try it out today.


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