Posted in April 2012

Nintendo to get a new 3DS color on May 20th!

Just as lilacs and hyacinth bloom throughout the spring, so too a new color is blooming for theNintendo 3DS system. Midnight Purple gives the hand-held a royal new look. The new color will launch May 20, the same day Mario Tennis Open becomes available.   The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS, offered at a suggested retail price of $169.99 … Continue reading

(NA) Nintendo Download – April 26, 2012 [REPOST]

Nintendo 3DS™ Nintendo 3DS System Update – The latest Nintendo 3DS system update is now available. (For Nintendo 3DS) Nintendo eShop Block Factory – Create and share puzzles with this predefined falling-block puzzle game. Your goal is to avoid filling the playing field to the top. When a block hits the top, the game is over. (For … Continue reading

3DS Update now available!!

The new 3DS update is out now! Here’s what you can expect: -New updated eShop: A new row is available. You can scan QR Codes. You can let Nintendo show you reccomendations. -Folders: You can add up to 60 games in here! To create, go to an empty slot & click “Create Folder”.

Nintendo 3DS Update coming 4/25!

Nintendo has announced that on 4/25 it will be releasing an update that will add folders to your 3DS home menu, which will allow you to add an additional 60 games in it! Also, Nintendo will patch Mario Kart 7 because of a few “short-cut issues”!