[Review] Kid Icarus: Uprising!

Alright! He's back... In the game!

It’s been awhile since we’ve been presented with a Kid Icarus game. And I was seriously excited for this game. Nintendo’s marketing actually had to get me to buy this game, and I don’t regret it one bit. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the newest game in the Kid Icarus series & the first game to use Nintendo Network! The game is really exciting, as it explores the world of Icarus even more than before. We start with Pit, as we all know, a servant of Lady Palutena, heading out to the sky, informed that the Underworld army is attacking. Of course, who’s behind this? Medusa! She appears in the game, actually quite early. Once Pit gets down to the surface, he finds out the Underworld army is attacking a town, he then heads for their rescue.


The gameplay is basically like Starfox when you’re doing air battles & when you do land battles, you can turn it into a FPS with the camera. The controls are also really easy to learn, and if you don’t like it, you can always customize them with the options. The game lets you also intensify your experience, but it’ll cost you some hearts. The more challenging settings you try, the better your rewards & the game has a few features that are somewhat identical to Super Smash Bros. Brawl! You’re able to play Light Vs. Dark, a sport that’s apparently popular in Skyworld. You knock out the opposing team until their health bar is down and then take down Pit/Dark Pit, depending which team you’re against. It’s really quite fun when you try it yourself! You can also have a free for all. Most kills = Win! The game has plentiful of features to keep you entertained. You’re able to view idols, such as Pit, Palutena, sort of like in SSB where you can view trophies. Also, if you’re running out on hearts, the game has a very convenient feature that allows you to convert weapons into hearts! This game really doesn’t want to keep any flaw open!


We all know that not many games from Nintendo’s franchises have voice acting. Of course, this game brings voice acting, and the voice acting is excellent… With a few flaws at times, it’s not much of a big deal, just a few of those intense moments weren’t exactly up to par. Every voice actor should give themselves a pat in the back, because, regardless, the voice acting was wonderful! The comedic lines and references to past games made me enjoy the game further. The game actually somewhat at times insults itself like Pit saying he’d does better without the handholding and of course the Dark Lord line! The developers really did well to show you the relationship between the characters and made it somewhat of a habit to listen to what they say! It even has those sorts of relationships where enemies can become friends. The plot is pretty tipsy curvy, because it has one surprise after another.


Overall, the game is great, and the voice acting is wonderful. You’re also completely in control of how hard the game is for you. Perfect for anyone!

+ – Able to control the difficulty of the game!

+ – Great voice acting!

+ – Fun & amazing plot!

+ – Almost in complete in control of the game!

[RATE: 10/10]


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