[Special] (Movie Review) The Lorax [3D]

He speaks for the trees...

The Lorax is an original story by Dr. Seuss. The movie talks about a lumberjack who was trying to make it big with the leaves of a tree, called the Truffula Tree. They have leaves that come in various colors. After that, the story begins on a boy named Ted. Ted is the main character, who has a crush on the girl of his dreams, Audrey. He’s 12 years old and lives in a town called ThneedVille, a polluted, corrupted place, behind the scenes anyways. The one who runs the town is a little man named Mr. O’Hare. He pollutes the air so he can sell his own brand of “air”. He hides many secrets from the citizens of ThneedVille. So, going back to Ted, he finds out what Audrey wants for her birthday, a Tree, something that used to grow a lot around ThneedVille and in it but no longer does, due to the pollution (She didn’t mention that, but that’s the overall cause), so Ted starts to wonder how he can bring back the trees. His Grandma leads him to the one who cut down all the trees, they call him The Once-ler. Ted finds out he lives OUTSIDE the town, which causes a problem because he, no citizen can leave the town under any circumstance. So, Ted goes through various obstacles, each time, listening to the Once-ler’s stories of how The Lorax disappeared, and how the trees did too.

What do you think you're doing? Cutting down all these trees...

The story is quite humorous at times, and the 3D was perfect. Each character had their own fun personality, and each situation they got into was dealt seriously & humorously. The story represents a similar theme to some other TV shows, movies & commercials: Stop causing pollution. And it does it nicely, each character brings the movie to life. The way it really shows how some people have no idea what factories, companies and other people hurt the Earth is fantastic because it really makes you realize it, and how we need to take action. The soundtrack didn’t lack either, it was perfect for each situation the characters faced, and really kept you on the edge of the seat. The movie had singing, which were all pretty much on that “High School Musical” level, enjoyable, but somewhat annoying at the same time. The animation was pretty epic, overall, because it had those kind of cartooned effect at times and didn’t go too overboard with exploiting the 3D. The movie was pretty well scripted and the voices fit perfectly. The bad thing about it was how it sometimes the movie seemed to drag on at certain points.

Overall, the movie, soundtrack, animation, humor and message perfectly fit together pretty well. 9/10

ASA | Steven Troya | 243 | 3/14/12


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