(Review) Mutant Mudds

It's about to get muddy here

Renegade Kid did a great job on this game. Like seriously, it’s just… Impressive. Max is the hero of the game, when a reporter informs everyone of an invasion of Mudds, Max goes out to save us all. The game brings a series of tricks & obstacles and keeps you on your toes with “12-bit” action, with even more re-playability  as the game contain secret levels to explore.


Although some dark stages have some ghosting when playing in 3D, you’ll receive crystal-clear graphics throughout the whole game. The game brings you into the world with a heavy-duty water cannon and a h20-powered jet pack which allows you to hover over obstacles for a few seconds. Of course, right from the beginning, you’re introduced to Granny. She can help you power-up, but only one power-up at a time. These range from, longer hovering time to faster reloading for your water cannon to a super jump with your jet pack. These are all helpful in their own special ways, and some even help you uncover a few secrets. Levels in the game are pretty straight-forward, but the obstacles make it challenging for you. This can go from 3D manipulating enemies such as the Hammer Slammer to those hard to dodge Royal Mudds. Each of the enemies make it challenging, and more fun to play the game itself. The difficulty of the game gets harder and harder as you progress, and you might even run into those stages where you can’t move on. The music also makes it feel as if you’re playing an old-school game. It’s fun to play, fun to listen to.


Mutant Mudds is a great addition to the eShop, because, in a way… It’s a game, that you’d want/need. It has those traits where you would want to play it over and over and never get tired of it. Espeically with everything that’s been packed into the game. You’ve got to watch out for enemies, because they all have tricks up their sleeves (I suggest watching out for those bomb dropping Mudds, very dangerous) and the strategy and precautions you have to take may take a toll on you if you don’t do it right! Overall, this game is amazing for one reason: It’s fun, amazing and worth every buck on the eShop. Download it & try it for yourselves!


What I liked

Overall design is attractive

Gives players a good challenge




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