Posted in February 2012

Get ready for a double Mario Party!

WHAT: To celebrate the launch of Mario Party 9, a new game launching exclusively for the Wii console, Nintendo is teaming up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City and Radio Disney to host a fun launch party. Invited guests will be among the first to try out the 80 new minigames, adventurous … Continue reading

Pokemon Black/White 2 Will be Released This Fall!

I just got an email from Nintendo saying that the freshly announced sequels to the record-breaking versions of the Pokemon series, Black 2 and White 2, are coming to North America this year! Another surprise from the Pokemon company! So be looking for more news on these games, it should be coming soon!

[SPOTPASS] – Puzzle Swap!

New panels are now available for Puzzle Swap in the play area of StreetPass Mii Plaza! What’s more, the next time you play Puzzle Swap, you’ll get a piece from one of the new panels as a gift to get you started on the new set! Weather you’ve collected all the original pieces already or … Continue reading

Masuda teases Pokemon-Related announcement

IMPORTANT NEWS!! On this coming Sunday, Februrary 26, 2012, from 7:30 A.M, I, Masuda, will be appearing on TV TOKYO’s Show, “Pokémon Smash!” Not only that. And there… I will be making a VERY important announcement, so be sure not to miss it!! Watch it live on TV! And, for those of you who can’t … Continue reading