(Review) Zen Pinball 3D

4 stages & more to come!

I love pinball games. It requires skill, and can easily become addictive. This is pretty straight forward. When you load up the game, you’ll be asked to turn on SpotPass for High-scores and whatnot. After that, you’re introduced to 4 tables:

Excalibur. Eldorado. Shaman. Earth Defense.

Each table has it’s own theme, which make it fun and different. When playing, you’re able to change the view to 8 different sorts, some follow the ball, make it close, a little farther, and each can suit almost anyone’s gameplay. This is useful if you don’t like the default view. Just press X, and it’ll change the view to the next view. Extremely useful feature. Also, yes, you can turn of StreePass. You can also set up a username for your Rankings score. During your play, the game updates on who’s scores you’ve beaten, which helps your determination in a way if you’re shooting for that high score! Ha! The game is fun, and keeps you entertained for a good amount of time, and how the stage tries to involve you into it is quite clever, using voice acting to help you visualize a scene on what your goal is other (other than getting an epic highscore) and some nice sound effects. Like in Earth Defense, you must help save the Earth before aliens take over! Using random screaming, laser gun blasts and some other sound effects, makes it feel like you’re really trying to save the Earth!

The controls respond perfectly and the graphics are easy to look at. Overall, you’ll have a good time playing this game, and sometimes it’s a nice time-waster.

The Good

Fun, keeps you playing for hours.

Stages give you a feel of your “secondary” goal.

The Bad

Can get boring after a period of time…

Stages sometime feel dull…



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