(Review) Fire Emblem: Sacred Stone (GBA)

Let the journey... Begin

I admit, I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game in my life. But when this game came out for ambassadors, it’s battle system alone interested me. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is an adventure that will leave you wanting for more, it’s own plot is interesting enough. The whole plot of the story isn’t fully revealed until you get to a certain part of the story. Renais, the home land of Princess Eirika & Emphraim, is being attacked by Grado. Seth, a knight (and he seriously kicks butt) from Renais escapes with Eirika to ensure her safety. The reason to Grado attacking in the first place is unknown because Eirika claims that they were always peaceful. After awhile, Eirika hears that her brother, Emphraim is planning to attack Grado head on, and that’s when their goal is set. The game itself is interesting enough and it’s real fun to play, you’ll be facing quite a few hardships if you don’t play skillfully though, so get ready.


The game is nicely designed. The battle system is a note-worthy feature, it doesn’t require you to choose attacks. All you have are the stats you get from weapons and once your in battle, the CPU will decide who wins the match, that is, if your weapon is strong enough. So basically, the way the battle system works is: when you face an enemy, the character who’s been challenged will be facing the enemy. Depending on how strong your weapon is, depends on how much damage you deal. Also, just a little hint: Don’t let Eirika die. Ever. The most note-worthy thing about the game is how you’re able to move around freely, and choose your enemy. You and the enemy take turns on where you move and sometimes you may even have to rescue a few people. Along the way, some soldiers will be there to help you and some of them are very helpful, so it’s good to keep them alive too. To me, the game withstood the test of time and it’s very enjoyable. If you let Eirika die, well, there is a feature that will let you restart the chapter, so no going through MOST things all over again. The art direction is real nice too, it’s generally, good. The music is enjoyable to listen to. And of course, the storyline, is great. The only thing I didn’t like, was not being able to choose what kinds of attacks I could use, or how buying things were a bit limited… Overall, the game is definitely worth a try!


The Good

Great plot.

Interesting battle system.

The Bad

Not being able to choose what kind of attacks you use.

Shops are limited.




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