New Mario Party 9 Details

From Nintendo Power:

– All players ride together in a vehicle rather than moving around the stage separately
– Only the player whose turn it is reaps the benefits of landing on a particular space
– Collect as many Mini Stars s possible before reaching the end of the stage
– Prizes are spread throughout the path
– Also earn prizes by landing on special spaces and competing in mini-games
– Mini Ztars remove Mini Stars from your inventory
– You’ll find a variety of dice blocks, which adds in some strategy
– Dice blocks include those that roll only high numbers or roll only a 0 or a 1
– They allow you to better plan where you travel
– Stage example: Toad Road
– One of the main attractions is broken
– All players need to roll a sufficiently high number
– Doing so allows you to jump a broken bridge
– If you fail at this, the car drops into a Mini Ztar-filled canyon
– Stage example: Bob-omb Factory
– This stage has conveyer belts that change your course
– You’ll fight a Whomp; this requires each player to stand on a rotating platform while attempting to avoid being flattened
– Every stage has a mini-game and a final boss
– Dozens of new mini-games
– Memory mini-game example: quickly count a horde of Goombas as they rush into their homes
– Button pressing mini-game example: swing the Wii Remote to throw toppings on a pizza



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