(Review) VVVVVV

Get ready flip out.... of anger.

VVVVVV is the newest 3D game for the eShop. You control a character named Captain Viridian, in an alternate universe. The game begins with the Viridan’s ship malfunctioning, and the crew, including you, get lost in an alternate dimension. When you finally get back to the ship via teleportation, you find out that most of the crew is lost in the alternate dimension as well. Now you must go on a search and get all of your crew members back. This game, does not disappoint.

Level design and everything is just fantastic. The way you must maneuver levels requires a lot of tricks, twists and turns. However, sometimes it feels like they just spam things to make it hard, that or I’m not that good at the game, I mean I did die 934 times in total gameplay! Anyways, in 3D, I can see that it’s not truly mastered because you can see ghosting while playing in 3D. So it’s better to play in 2D… It IS a 2D game. When you rescue a crew member, you might have to do a little challenge with that member, like with Vermillion, you have to make sure he follows you, but thing is he will only follow you at the right distance, and VVVVVV takes advantage of this, creating tricks and traps. You’re gonna have to make sure Vermillion follows you at the right time. Point is, the game takes advantage of it’s surroundings very well. The gameplay itself is real fun and it’s really interesting. I take caution when going into another part of the room, because you never know what’s going to come at you.

That's why I have to kill you

The music is also very addicting and it makes the game even more fun to play, it fits each area very well, and it never gets tiring to hear it! The controls sometimes get a little shaky on you, when you go too far then you probably should have, but overall, the controls will work with you… But the game’s challenges won’t. There is a feature called Player Levels, it lets you play levels created by the team of Nicalis. Of course… That means more hardships……. And trinkets. There are also Time Trials! I’m pretty sure you know what this is, choose a level and beat it as fast as you can! Overall, the game is a great pick if you’re looking for a game that challenges you, and of course if you don’t have a bad temper. The game combines music, gameplay & 3D(ness) and it perfectly fits together (except for the 3D, ghosting.) and being able to play this was a great experience. I still can’t believe I beat it though. It’s hellish hard!

The Good

Fun, creative challenges tests your skills as a gamer.

Great choice for an eShop game and easy to pick up on.

The Bad

10% of the time, controls won’t do thing precisely.



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