(Review) Pushmo

Pulling Included

Pushmo is an original 3D downloadable eShop game that will test your puzzle solving skills. You start as a character named Mallo. Mallo finds out that kids are trapped in the puzzles of Pushmo Park. You begin learning what Pushmo are, various tricks and whatnot.

Pushmo’s puzzles will often challenge you. No, really, right after the basic lessons, you’re going to have some trouble along the way, sometimes even accusing the level to be impossible. The game really challenges you and sometimes, after finding out the solution, you’ll feel a bit dumb. Going through various levels, the game finds way to deceive you. Sometimes it may look like you’ve got it but then you’re missing a very important step, and in turn, the most obvious step. Later in the game, you’ll find out that the owner also created gadgets. Mainly, there are only two. Manhole & Switch. Manholes let you climb from one part of the puzzle to another (teleporting) and Switch fully pulls out all Pushmo blocks of the same color. Nintendo made sure to take advantage of these gadgets real well and made puzzles even harder from thereon.

The controls in the game are nice and easy to cope with. The controls really help you stay on your best puzzle solving skills, because they don’t get in the way of anything, unless you somehow mess it up yourself. The controls are also fairly easy to learn:

A – Jump.

B – Grab onto a Pushmo block.

Circle Pad/D-Pad – Move.

The music and the graphics also help boost the game’s fun because it all just fits so perfectly together.  There really is nothing wrong with this game at all.

There is also a Level Editor which lets you create your own levels and after you beat them, you can save them as a QR code. The level editor comes jam-packed with choices and it’s easy to know what’s where and how to use it, you even get a lesson from the owner on what the tools are! You’re also able to get lessons from him, just basic things like jumps, basic lessons, warnings, pro tips, etc.

The Good

Challenging puzzles

Game takes great advantage of gadgets and surroundings.

Easy and fun to pick up on.

RATE: 10/10


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