(EU) In shops now: Boom Street

If you fancy yourself as a property magnate in the making, Boom Street for Wii will put you on the road to building your business empire!

An interactive board game starring characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and the Dragon Quest series, Boom Street challenges you to buy and invest in property and get rich quicker than your fellow players. You’ll work your way around colourful boards that offer all sorts of surprises, collecting stamps as you go that can be used to customise the way your Mii characters look and move.

With multiplayer fun for up to four players both online and offline, Boom Street includes Easy rules that make it simple for anyone to join in, but also features Standard rules that introduce stock market elements for strategic depth. Whatever way you play, the aim of the game is to flex your financial muscles and strike it rich. Will you be the first to reach the top of the property ladder?

Find at more at our official Boom Street website, where you can watch tutorial videos, get tips and read all about the game.

Boom Street is in shops now, only for Wii.


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