(Review) Nano Assault (3DS)

It's time for purifying...

I must say, this is sorta the first time that I’ve been interested into a game that doesn’t have Mario, Luigi or any of those Mushroom Kingdom guys. This is also an interesting game. So, the game begins with entering a nano-ship (I’m callin’ it that) onto a cell. Your goal is to get 3 DNA samples & defeat all hostile organisms, which will then allow you to purify the cell you’re on.


The Gameplay is pretty similar to Starfox 64 3D. In most levels, you’re gonna have to defeat a boss. Some cells even require you to have a specific number of DNA samples. The game’s controls are pretty confusing at first, but you’ll get used to them. The button you shoot is the direction your energy attack will shoot. A = Right. B = Down. Y = Left. X = Up. That’s annoying to have to remember though, but hey, whatever, if it gets the job done, so be it. You also have weapons in this game. You unlock them by beating certain levels. The first one shoots a laser that targets as many as enemies as it can until it’s own energy runs out. It’s pretty helpful, and you get around 4 shots as you do have limited energy. The game just doesn’t leave you with 4 shots, at times you will be able to receive a power up from an enemy, which gives you the energy you need to shoot one more laser.

How beautiful... Wait... That CAN'T be water... Right?!

The game really looks great in 3D, I mean seriously… It’s great to see how well it works with the game. Aiming, distance, it all helps if it’s on 3D really ;). The game itself doesn’t lack too many features. It has a “Nanoshop” which allow you to buy soundtracks from the game and items as well for your Nanopedia. You can also use play coins to convert them into Nano Coins. You can also earn Nano coins from beating Boss Rush Mode & challenges in Arcade Mode.

The graphics themselves & of course, the music help the game out, it sets the mood. The graphics also look crystal clear and well, it’s just that. It’s great to see, fun to play, great to listen to and overall, I wish I could say more, but there’s really nothing else I can say, this game is fun, with a few flaws, and hopefully, we see a sequel :). About those controls again, you’re able to also adjust the way you play by changing the Shoot Type and Camera Control. From Axis to Fixed, for Shoot Type. To Fixed to Tilt on Camera Control.


The Good

Crystal Clear graphics.

Balanced difficulty makes the game challenging and fun.

The Bad

Controls are somewhat confusing.



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