Complete list of what the 3DS update brings!

Here’s a complete list of what the 3DS update brings, there’s quit a lot in there, so if you don’t want spoilers, quickly leave!

3DS Software (Apps & Firmware):

  • Nintendo Zone App has been installed!
  • 3DS Friend List updated so now you can add friends anywhere you are on the list, rather than having to go back to the start of it.
  • Nintendo Camera now has 3D Video Recording, new features for the Photo Camera.
  • Data Management > 3DS now has a new option called Add-On Content

StreetPass Plaza:

  • Music Player, letting you listen to the soundtrack of the whole app itself.
  • Map, letting you see where the Miis you tagged come from, and marking them with red. White means you haven’t gotten Miis from there yet.
  • Accomplishments, over 70 of them!
  • StreetPass Plaza now uses Spotpass (What a paradox).
  • New music depending on how many Miis you have in total.
  • Slide Show of the puzzles you’ve completed so far.
  • Settings let you turn off & on Spotpass for the app.
  • Find Mii 2.
  • New puzzles.

If there’s anything I missed, feel free to comment.



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