Happy Thanksgiving from NG!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is a time where you can be happy with those things that you’ve been given in life, and let’s not forget, it’s also about all that FOOD! *Ahem* Anyways, to make your Thanksgiving even more awesome, here are a few games you can play to really get into that Thanksgiving feeling, with a few off-topic ones aswell:


Birds & Beans: Birds & Beans is a game available on the DSi Shop & eShop. It starts Pyoro, a bird with a long tongue, ready to eat as many beans as he possibly can, showing the Thanksgiving spirit. It’s available for 200 points/1.99 on the DSi Shop/eShop.


Burger Time Deluxe: Burger Time Deluxe shows off that the chef should always finish the order! That is, before a bunch of enemies kill you for it. In this game, your rush around, trying to finish Burgers (mainly 3) while avoiding a bunch of enemies in your way, you can drop, what I assume is salt, to defeat them, and give you more time. This has Thanksgiving written all over it… Buy it. It’s available for 2.99 on the eShop!


3D Classics – Kirby’s Adventure: I’m sure we all know why I picked this. Kirby is off to save Dreamland, and we all know how he does it! By gobbling down a few baddies and even gaining their powers! Buy it on the eShop now for 6.99!


Pac-Man: Let’s not forget Pac-Man, he easily shows the Thanksgiving spirit by gobbling down pellets, with a few ghosts on the side! Buy it from the eShop for 3.99.


Kirby’s Dream Land: Another Kirby adventure fit for Thanksgiving. Gobble down even more enemies in this retro game. Saving Dreamland must be awesome, being able to eat everything in sight, huh Kirby? Buy this on the eShop for 3.99!


These are of course only a few of the games you can buy that will make the day feel more…. engaging I guess. Anyways, of course I also recommend a few Zelda games, what’s not fun about having a mob of Cuccos beating the crap out of you, right?


Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving from Nintendo Galaxy!


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