XSEED Games Begins Shipping Fishing Resort for Wii to Retailers across North America

XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, is pleased to announce that the open-world vacation fishing title, Fishing Resort™, has begun to ship to retailers throughout North America.  In addition to the standard standalone version of the game, which is available at an MSRP of $19.99, Fishing Resortis also available in a bundle with NAMCO BANDAI Games’ own fishing rod peripheral packaged together with the game at an MSRP of $29.99. By attaching to both the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™, this high-quality peripheral uses the controllers to mimic the actions of actual fishing with a rod and reel, providing for a more realistic simulated fishing experience.


Fishing Resort was created by NAMCO BANDAI Games in conjunction with PROPE, the studio led by the celebrated former head of Sonic Team, Yuji Naka,. In Fishing Resort, players are taken to a tropical island paradise and given complete control of their vacation. Each part of the island is completely open for exploration, with a huge variety of locales from serene lakes and meandering streams to jungle rivers, sandy beaches, mountaintop frozen lakes and of course, the deep blue sea. In Fishing Resort, literally wherever there is water, players can fish, giving them a wide array of options as they explore the game’s open world setting with rod and reel in hand.


In addition to the game’s varied locations, Fishing Resort also offers players a wide variety of fish, with over 200 unique marine creatures for players to catch and subsequently feature in aquariums at their hotel, giving them the opportunity to earn extra in-game credits if hotel patrons rate their aquariums highly. As players catch fish, they exchange them for in-game credits that can be used to buy new fishing equipment and customizable clothing items. In addition to its core fishing gameplay, Fishing Resort also offers a bevy of over 20 mini games including kayak races and fishing competitions, a deep achievement system, online leaderboards and much more!


Currently available from XSEED Games, Fishing Resort for Wii was developed by PROPE and licensed through NAMCO BANDAI Games.


For more information, please visit Fishing Resort’s website at http//www.fishingresortwii.com


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