(Review) 3D Classics: Urban Champion

Get ready to take turns smacking each other in the face! Wait...

Urban Champion is a downloadable game available on the eShop. It’s a basic fighting game that was released on the NES. This game doesn’t really have a story, unless you count having to do the same thing over and over to become the next Urban Champion a story.

The game is pretty easy to go by. Basically, you just punch your opponent into a sewer manhole, if you do you win, but if your opponent does that to you, you basically have to go back a round. The game is a good pick up & play, but it gets REAL boring after you beat the game, mostly cause there isn’t anything new to toy around with.

The way you play the game is pretty much simple, you punch your opponent away from your sewer manhole and closer to there’s. There are a few distractions along the way, sometimes one of the people who live in the building you’re fighting in front of will throw a pot down, and stun you, or whichever one of you it hits, leaving a free shot. Sometimes the police may come, just patrolling the city, but being the idiots the fighters are, they go back to where they start, (here’s why I said idiots) and WHISTLE, like nothing is going on. If time runs out, the police arrests whoever is about to lose. You also have stamina, it’s at least enough to get you around to beating the crap out of the guy. The game is pretty much just a simple game. There’s really nothing else to say. You gain ranks as you go along, but this takes a LONG time just to gain a rank…

The controls are pretty easy as well. You can block, weak punch, strong punch and well, move! The game responds pretty nicely with the controls, and it really helps when you’re beating down a guy, for a comeback. The 3D also looks pretty nice for what originated as a 2D game.

The Good

It’s a good pick up & play.

Good 3D.

The Bad

It’s boring.

You’re going to have to keep doing the same thing you did last round, each round.

Rate: 5/10

This game isn’t that good, but if you’re looking to waste time, or have some kind of decent fun, play this.


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