(Review) Pokemon Rumble Blast!

This game is a blast!

Pokemon Rumble Blast is the successor of the game Pokemon Rumble. It brings all 5 generations into play and brings forth a world and story much deeper than the previous installation of the game. This game also features Streetpass, multiplayer fun with local wireless and… Wait, no Wi-fi? Let’s get this review started!


The game begins at the Toy Shop, basically where you buy Toy Pokemon & such. You’ll see a few of your Miis from the Plaza buying toys here. It tells you how these Pokemon are different from the usual Pokemon we’re use to. Your Mii will then come in and go over, to what I suppose is how you see the toys work. Your Mii will grab Toy Pikachu, wind it up, and so, the adventure starts.

It may be the same battles, but it's somehow more interesting.


The gameplay isn’t really that different with Pokemon Rumble Blast. You basically just go up to a Toy Pokemon, attack, you’re done. You, of course, have to try and gather more Powerful Pokemon, and ditch the old ones. Too bad you can’t level up as you advance in the story, but they’re toys, so it’s sorta understandable. The game has the same repetitive battles, and the bosses are the same thing, over and over, pushing you away every 3 seconds & powerful Pokemon that just won’t cut it in a charge battle. The only thing remotely interesting in this game is the story. You battle your way around Toy Land until you find out the real reason you’re doing all this battle. To save Toy Land from an evil that I won’t spoil.

Cheren: Charging at one another to see who has a higher power is such a bother...

Later on in the game, you’ll finally be able to participate in the new mode, called Charge Battles. This basically, adds up the power of most of your befriended toys and tests if you’re powerful enough against the opposite team mate. This is such a bother for only two reasons:

1. This forces you to gather even MORE Toy Pokemon just to defeat these guys.

2. You have to go through 4 waves of charge battles, and having press A repeatedly (and you have to press it FAST) really hurts your hand.

I challenge you to a Toy Battle!


This game also has multiplayer and Streetpass modes. Streetpass allows other Miis to visit your shop, and spend money on toys (which, the money is given to you) and also allows you to battle against other players. These are not face to face though, it’s pass-by, and if you get lucky, they’ll have a copy of the game and you’ll be able to battle them. If you win, you get to borrow one of their toy Pokemon. The Multiplayer isn’t that bad, but it’s not that good either. You’re able to co-op with other friends and battle together on one field. Only the captain can decide where you go. The only good thing is that you can befriend Pokemon easier, and get money easier. Nothing special here, really.



The Storyline is real interesting.

The game is fun, keeps you hooked for a good bit.



Battles are TOO repetitive.

It feels a bit dull.

Not much of an improvement.

The game drags on with how long it takes to find a strong toy Pokemon.


Rate: 7/10

The verdict: The game is fun, keeps you hooked, but the battles just get boring when you have to do it over and over and over and over and over, and it could’ve easily come as an eShop game, but none the less, even if it’s in full retail price, putting it in the stores was a good idea, and this game would’ve never come out how it is today if it was an eShop game. Fun.


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