Yoshi’s Island (SNES)

If you owned a Super Nintendo as a child, or own one today, then you probably have Yoshi’s Island. If you don’t, then get it! It’s really worth having, and I’ll tell ya why. It’s fun, challenging, and tells the story of how Mario and Luigi met the Yoshis.

In this game there’s 6 worlds with 8 levels in each. Each 4th and 8th level is a boss. You beat the bosses, you go to the next world, common game stuff. But the cool thing about this game is that you can collect flowers, red coins, and little stars, which add to the challenge. In the ending boss, you must fight Baby Bowser. Seems easy right? Well after you beat him, Kamek comes in and blasts some magic all over baby Bowser, and he grows to Godzilla size! Throw some giant eggs at him to beat him, rescue Luigi and the stork. Overall, I give this game a thumbs up. Really a game you should get. If you don’t have a SNES, get the GameBoy Advance version. If you don’t have either system, get one! You must play this classic.


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